Hardware Support for Realtek 8111G NIC

Hello VyOS Community

I hope the VyOS community will get all the members and developers back as it was in the good old VC time.
But even when there are still only a few members here maybe you can help me:

I am currently planing a VyOS router for my home.
It should be fanless with low power consumption.
I saw that there is the Shuttle DS47 which looks pretty nice from the datasheet (2x 1GBit/s nic, wlan, ram up to 16GB, usb 3.0 etc.).

But I am not sure whether the build-in nics (Realtek 8111G) are supported by VyOS.
It would be very nice if someone could help me with that.

Best regards

Vyos is based on debian squeeze. I googled for DS47 & debian squeeze but nothing turned up. I have seen success stories with debian wheezy though.
One of the developers is working on the port of vyos to debian wheezy.See this thread for more info and iso image to boot:


I’m running Vyos 1.0.3 on a Shuttle DS437 and it works if I compile the driver myself.
See my gist at How to get VyOS to use the RTL8111/8168B Ethernet Controller in a Shuttle DS437 · GitHub for instructions


this thread has been dead for over a year…

Yes, i know… but I couldn’t find anything for my realtek issues at the time and I thought this could perhaps help someone in the future.

I did the same after I got no feedback last year.
And yes I think it is important to still answer old threads because it might help others.