Hardwdare Recommendations for VyOS-based SOHO Router


Hi everyone,

 I have been running VyOS as my main home-office router on an old laptop for a few months, and I have been very impressed. However, I cannot get my VoIP phone calls to come stop being choppy no matter what QOS settings I try to use. I had the same problem with pfSense and several Linux router distros, so I think it's just a hardware issue. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good setup for a home-office router hardware that I can purchase to run VyOS -- something that will hopefully get me over my VoIP woes!

 I have a 20Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up connection, and two wireless networks (one internal wireless with two VLANs -- one for personal and for for business --, and one guest wireless network). I need about 8 LAN ports so I was going to get a layer-3 switch with VLAN support. Well, either that or switch completely to MikroTik just for the Hotspot support with Captive Portal. But, if I can get decent hardware for VyOS for under $200, I'll stick with open source and just re-use one of my wireless routers with OpenWRT/LEDE for the hotspot/captive portal stuff for my guest wifi.

 If you have specific links to Amazon, Walmart, or NewEgg, please link away!! Something under $250 I think would be my max, otherwise I'll just go with MikroTik at this point.



thanks for interest, we don´t have extensive list of HW (we plan to fix this with latest version 1.2 which is based on debian 8)
Some people shared devices that they used please check

Also you can grab EdgeRouter Lite (EdgeOS just like VyOS is a for of Vyatta)


Thank you, that link is very helpful!

May I suggest that you make this link more prevalent? My first question, and probably that on many people’s minds, was what hardware does VyOS run on? I understand in runs on x86 hardware but specifically which appliances has it been tested on (since not all hardware is great for use as a router)? It would be a good idea to link to that hardware/appliance wiki page right from VyOS’s home page. It would also be great to have a main section in this forum dedicated to Hardware. This is what ZeroShell does and it has elicited participation.


I have had a hard time finding hardware it WON’T run on…