Have anyone tried wan acceleration/optimisation with vyos?

Is it possible to use wan acceleration/optimisation between two IPsec tunnel endpoint ?

Can you explain a bit more please?

I am using ipsec tunnel between two remote endpoint using vyos. I am looking for improving throughput between this two endpoint. Can wan acceleration be useful ? If yes how can I integrate it with vyos?
vyatta has partnered with reverbed for this purpose (https://www.networkworld.com/article/2230405/very-cool--riverbed-and-vyatta-partner-for-all-in-one-router--wan-appliance-.html)

Hello, @hiteshhapani!
You can use any WAN-optimization software or hardware solution in-the-middle between end-users and VyOS, to process unencrypted traffic, which then will be encrypted by VyOS and transmitted to the remote site.
If you want, you may make also a feature request on the Phabricator with a detailed description of what you want, and we will see if this feature can be implemented in VyOS itself.

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