Help us unlock a deeper understanding

Hello VyOS Community!

Your expertise is our key to unlocking a deeper understanding! We’re on a thrilling quest to gain invaluable insights from our brilliant users on high-speed networking. Specifically, we want to enhance our knowledge on utilizing VyOS with lightning-fast interfaces like 25/40/100 Gbps, Intel 700 series and 800 Series Network Adapters, Mellanox (now NVIDIA) Connect-X5/6/7 Network Adapters, and the driver that make the magic happen-think ice, i40e, mlnx_en, mlx4, mlx5.

Share your triumphs over technical challenges, successful configurations, and any limitations you’ve encountered. And if you’ve delved into the world of SmartNICs in conjunction with VyOS, we’d love to hear your experiences! You invaluable insights will help us better comprehend the real-world significance and potential use cases for these technologies.

Join us on this quest to unravel the mysteries of high-speed networking! Share your expertise, tips, and industry secrets to empower the VyOS community and propel us toward networking excellence.

Cheers :beer:,

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