Help with Configuration of VyOS VM

Hi I am very new to VyOS, I have some experience with EdgeRouters so I know how to use the config and show to see and edit the config. I need some help with setting up VyOS I got a new ISP that gave me a strange static ip setup for a large VM Pool that I am commissioning. I was using pfSense as the firewall/router also as a vm, but the FRR package doesn’t seem to have full RIPv2 support. So this is preventing me from being able to use my Static IP’s.

The ISP doesn’t own the lines in my area they piggyback off of TWC/Charter/Spectrum it looks like. They offer to provide a router to for an extra $20/mon. I don’t want to do this because that’s an extra $240/year plus more garbage that I got to fit in my IT Rack. To make thing worse it’s a bottle neck the router that they offer only has 1GbE WAN and by the time it does the other tasks I was only getting about 640Mbps download speeds. When I plug it directly in to modem and use 2.5GbE I get the full speed 980Mbps download speed, but I can’t use my Static IPs. The ISP recommended VyOS/Vyatta to be able to virtualize it in my VM Pool since pfSense wouldn’t work.

So right now pfSense’s WAN is just set as DHCP and it gets a IP and works. The ISP gave me the RIPv2 info to login and get my Static Block but I need help on setting this up in VyOS. I am willing to pay someone to build the config as I really need to get this working right away. Please see the attached pictures if you are interested and let me know how much you want to build this config for me.

Very simplified diagram of VM Pool:



where did you run into the problem? Do you have vyos in a vm runing with dhcp on the wan? If this is working the ripv2 should only be a protocol.