Help with shaper ipoe server

Hello everyone, everything good ?
can you help me with a doubt, I’m configuring ipoe on vyos, with free radius, but on vyos I didn’t find how to set the vendor in the shaper module via cli, can anyone help me?
I tried to configure the file “ipoe.config.j2” but I save and restart the server but it doesn’t work.

Which vendor shaper parameters are you using?

I’m trying with


in ipoe.config.j2

There is an example for pppoe
If it works correctly we can migrate some options to ipoe
Could you test it?

For PPPoE it works
only the shaper options are missing from the ipoe CLI.
but I already found a way to partially solve it, I created a static file of the ipoe settings.

I created a task for it ⚓ T4507 IPoE-server add multiplier option for shaper

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I will look forward to

@steinhorst it will be present in the next rolling release
Let us know if it works as expected