Help with vyos broadcast-relay!


Hi community, I recently have configured an ovpn server on vyos to allow that player of “Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg Mod” if SNET be at the same network, so they could create a lobby and everyone see it, but there is a problem…the game use udp 6112 port and when I captured on the interfaces the traffic of the game goes through the public network, not enter into the tunnel. I think that if I configure “broadcast-relay” I could make that those packets get in the ovpn tunnel, so the other players could see the game lobby created.

Is this possible??? because I could not get this work even with this solution.

PS: VLANs are not in my hand. I’m not admin of SNET backbone, thats why I implemented the ovpn tunnel.

Wayting for some help, and sorry for the english.
Regards from :cuba:


Broadcast relay will repeat received UDP broadcast frames from one network into the other. So a user on a local network and a road warrior on openvpn will see the same broadcast packets.

You may want to wireshark into the other network where you expect the broadcast packets.


I did what you request and it happend the same, tha traffic goes outside the tunnel. In our network there are multiple MP games and specially those who need to be in the same subnet for the LAN party, but users from others subnet are using a SofEther VPN solution and the broadcast traffic goes inside the tunnel…without using broadcast relay… I would like to ask you my friend… Is necessary to implement broadcast relay on vyos to do the same on OpenVPN or should work without that conf.

Thanks for your replay