Helping with documentation


i’d really like to help out the VyOS project and contribute but i’m not a developer or network guy, just an electrical engineer
and i don’t have enough spare money to donate either so i’d like to help writing documentation (i already do this a lot for my day job).

Will the wiki ( stay or are you planning on migrating everything over to phabricator?
The ‘User guide’ is quite good already, i’d rather concentrate on the ‘User documentation’ which is quite
deserted at the moment. Do you have any particular ideas or should i just start writing the missing
articles and expanding the existing ones?

I’d write primarily in english but translations to german would be possible as well.

At the moment i have official documentation for Vyatta 6.5R1 which i based my own VyOS configs and notes on,
do you have a source for more recent material or is 6.5R1 good enough?

You don’t need to be developer to contribute.
Donations is not mandatory as well.
And help with documentation is indeed great contribution.
Feel free to pickup any portition that you want, and 6.5r1 docs are ok, just don’t copy word by word (they never was opensource)

Thanks for interest in helping project!

Great, i’ll start converting my notes to wiki syntax and go from there then.

For starters i think it would be a good idea to make the VyOS platform more accessible
to novice users without much experience who see the CLI-only approach of VyOS
as intimidating but are used to other platforms like pfSense for example.
Many of those users have accumulated some knowledge in networking already
but might need some guidance in configuring things like NAT which other
platforms take care of automagically, a few simple explanations and examples
would be helpful i guess.

I’ll start with something simple like the ‘Firewall’ article which is currently missing
from the user documentation and ping you guys for feedback when i’m done.
I’ve created a phabricator account with the same user name (tic226), you
can contact me there as well.

grab your acc on wiki and i can enable skip captcha for it
We also plan to do simple GUI for this SMB/Home/Lab users later this year

I get a permission error on

Should be good now,
we had spam bots week ago so disabled editing completely
Please try

Now i can enter credentials but submitting the form (after solving the captcha)
fails. Error message (at the top): Forbidden. Please submit form again.

Edit: i tried different usernames as well as email addresses and password (8+ characters)

Whitelisted you,
sorry for complication, we put antispam protection due to high volume of spam posts

Great thanks, it’s working now.