Hide part of configuration ... omit ... is it possible?


on Juniper decvices if I had a very long piece of conf I could hide it using

apply-flags omit;

that section will be hidden, and replaced by a simple comment, for example

root@r1# set firewall family inet filter protect-re apply-flags omit

and the result would be

root@r1# show firewall                                                  
family inet {
    filter protect-re { /* OMITTED */ };

and if you need to see the hidden part you can do it using

show configure | display omit

Is there anything similar in vyos ?

We plan a general system of flags for the new configuration backend. For example, one long-standing idea is an “ephemeral” flag that will cause the system to omit nodes when saving the config, so that VRRP transition scripts can safely insert temporary configurations without worrying about altering the permanent baseline config.

A display omit flag is also a good idea. It will only be possible after the last bits of legacy code are gone, though — but that’s pretty soon now, there are only two legacy components left in 1.4!


Ok I got it … I will wait for the “omit” feature :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info

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