Home network DNS config

    show interfaces
     bonding bond0 {
         address dhcp
         description "WAN active-backup"
         member {
             interface eth0
             interface eth1
         mode active-backup
         primary eth0
     ethernet eth2 {
         hw-id 64:62:66:21:f5:51
     ethernet eth3 {
         description "Primary LAN"
     loopback lo {

I am adding DHCP and DNS on eth3 in home network LAN. I am confuse about DNS settings. More, than I expected.


  1. set service dns forwarding cache-size '0'

why in quick start example? Quick Start — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation
Is it recommended settings for home network?

  1. set service dns forwarding dhcp <interface>

Interfaces whose DHCP client nameservers to forward requests to.

What does it mean? Should I set this? What is the effect of this setting?
Should I set this to:
set service dns forwarding dhcp bond0 so to the WAN? ?

  1. set service dns forwarding name-server <address>

Send all DNS queries to the IPv4/IPv6 DNS server specified under . You can configure multiple nameservers here.

As I understand I can set there DNS like from cloud flare or from google. In quick start this is not set. What is happening then? It use DNS from internet provider? But if I set some servers here, then it doesn’t use DNS from internet provider, but only and only what I define here?

  1. set service dns forwarding allow-from <network>

Should I set this? I want to make this DNS only for my home network. Not public.

  1. set service dns forwarding listen-address <address>

Is it just IP for DNS server? So in general the same as DHCP, so

  1. set service dns forwarding source-address <address>

Can it be useful for home network?

  1. Can you paste show service dns on your VyOS for your home network?

Vyos Basic Setup.txt (github.com)