Hostbased forwarding possible?



I would like to be able to forward requests on the same port to different internal IPs based on which fqdn the request is for.

for instance requests to -> forwarded to
while requests for -> forwarded to

I’m not quite sure what the functionality is called, so I don’t know what to search for so I don’t really know if it’s something VyOS can do. I know Mircosoft TMG and Microsoft WAP can do this, but the resources on my laptop are limited and I’d like something a bit more lightweight to handle the networking part.

I’d also like to avoid having to have multiple outside interfaces running on dhcp as networking and firewalls aren’t really my area and I’d like to keep the config as simple as possible.


You need a reverse proxy. Look into NGINX, and forward port 80 to it, let it handle the ‘routing’ for your websites


Sorry, I’m fairly new to open source and networking. Would nginx be a service I could install on my VyOS VM, or would I replace my VyOS VM with nginx?


VyOS is a router and firewall. NGINX is a web server that can function as a reverse proxy. Completely different purposes and uses.

Were you not planning on using VyOS as a router?