How do I achieve redundancy in my setup with this topology

Hi Team,

I have configured R1 and R2 as a vyos router. Both have reachability to subnet. However on L3 switch HO it does not support dynamic protocols and I need to achieve failover or redundancy for from

Primarily traffic is routed to for and R1 has eBGP enabled with remote L3. wanted to ensure lets suppose if my connectivity between and 2 fails I have a Site-site tunnel configured as well between R2 and remote L3 which is through Internet and VTI again those have BGP peering enabled for

Once possibility I was thinking about joingin R1 and R2 and can configure bgp there? or route redistribution? Pls help

Please confirm if configuring iBGP between R1 and R2 will achieve desired results?

I guess there is a issue on Topology. L3 at remote end has two AS running and which is not a acceptable solution I believe.

OK - Finally I resolved with lot of R&D. However my topology assumption was wrong since AS is global to router and I was assuming router or firewall is part of Two AS.

I had to configure ebgp between R1-R2 and given higher weightage to R1 path.
Is anything else that I need to consider?