How do I allow access to Public IP

I need HELP! I am totally new to Vyos/Vyatta and I have to give access to our internal network to a Public IP address for our CCTV video cameras. I don’t have anyone with experience here and I am new to the system so I desperately need to get some advice. The Public IP of the server that needs access is, which resolves to

I need to open up the Firewall for access to one of my sub-nets over ports 80(TCP), 21(TCP), and 1023(UDP). I need help with the syntax for the configuration. I am used to doing things from the GUI and it appears that I need to get this done via the CLI. I don’t want to get this wrong since it is a production Firewall so any insight will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays.


Nobody can answer you, because it’s not one answer to this. If you are using Vyatta you may contact Brocade to get support.

If you are using Vyos you should probably get some help from the person installing the router.

Well, thank you for your honesty. I am actually in the midst of updating the Vyatta routers to Vyos so I will be the one installing the router. My experience comes from Sophos UTMs so I was hoping to get some insight from this forum on the new system. Thanks Arne0.

there’s no firewall on by default. but you can add one and permit whatever remote host access if you want. I think you are also talking about DNAT for external parties being able to connect to a service on a privately addressed LAN.