How do I include open-vm-tools during the build iso process?


I am newbe on vyos forgive me if I am asking such a trivial question. I have read the advice how to build the iso, and I have exported the open-vm-tools submodule under pkgs, after compiling the i386 hydrogen iso I have no open-vm-tools included in it.
Is there something I am missing or overlooked?

Thx guys for this nice work


Can you explain what you did to include the open-vm-tools into the build ?

Where did you make the sub-dir
How did you pull the source
Did you include the package to be build als specified in where it reads
In “livecd/config.vyatta/chroot_local-packageslists” directory, edit “vyatta-extra.list” (or “vyatta-full.list”) and add your package.

Please provide more info :wink:


inside build-iso pointing to pkgs/open-vm-tools

cd $HOME/build-iso
git submodule update --init pkgs/open-vm-tools
cd $HOME/build-iso/pkgs/open-vm-tools
git branch hydrogen --track origin/hydrogen
git checkout hydrogen

THIS WAS THE MISSING THING: sudo ./configure --with-kernel-flavor=586-vyatta-virt

The entry for i386 & amd64 are there so no action on this

Thx a lot frompost to point me to the right direction. I overseen this little advice inside the wiki.

@frompost: mark this thread as solved, I cannot find any button to change the header. :slight_smile: