How do I use VyOS for free on Google Cloud or AWS?

Hi All

If VyOS is open source and free to use, I was quite surprised to see them not free to install or use on GoogleCloud & AWS.

I know installing using an ISO on a local hypervisor is free but I can’t afford to have that on the cloud.

How can I then install VyOS on a cloud-based virtual instance and use it with no other costs than the virtual instance’s cost?


You can build it from source

Hi @syncer

Thanks but I don’t know how. My building skills may not be as good as expected from anyone on this forum.

Can you please provide a starting point? I’m looking for the easiest way. Thank you. G

Hi @giwe,

Have a look at the following link, it is a good starting point.

You can also download the rolling release here
Keep in mind, this is not the lts stable release but if you’re going to just use it to play with it should work fine. If you’re going to use it in production then build the stable release or pay for a subscription.