How do I verify if the traffic is being entered into Tunnel?

Hi Team,

I have firewall which is then attached to Vyos and from Vyos I have tunnel built with Azure. This is a policy based VPN created with Azure. My Lan is . I have route placed on firewall for point it to Vyos and reverse route for to Firewall. My tunnel P1 and P2 both show up; however I am unable to ping IPs from 10.10.1.x and wanted to ensure how do I test if traffic is entering into tunnel? I captured the packets on interface attached to firewall and seeing ICMP packets from 192.168.5.x to 10.10.1.x however not sure if then the packets are being tunneld?

Here is the scenario -

LAN → Firewall
Vyos ----------INTERNET…—> TUNNEL with AZURE -----> AZURE —

This is the correct scenario and would help you all to understand the scenario.


Please ignore - that was a firewall issue which is been resolved and not avyos

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