How do you assign DHCPv6-PD to a LAN interface?

I have the privilege of having my ISP issue me an IPv6 subnet. The ISP sends me a /56 subnet and the expectation is that my router then gives out /64 subnets to the LAN side.

I have found out how to delegate prefixes if I were to use a generic linux distro but I want to avoid this solution because I dread the work involved with manually configuring QoS with tc (at least from what I read online, setting up QoS can be… rewarding… but time consuming).

I like VyOS so far as it reminds me of Cisco iOS but when I am reading the documentation/wiki on IPv6… it seems a little… slim?

The wiki tells me how to setup static IPv6 and stateful DHCPv6 but how do I setup stateless DHCPv6 on the LAN interface that gives out prefixes based on the prefix I received from the WAN interface?

I hope I’m not offending the tech writer or devs or anything. I would love to try and make VyOS work for me for IPv6. For IPv4 I’m good but I would love to run a dual stack of IPv4 and IPv6 on my network.


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