How to add debian repository

How can I add some debian repository to install software that isnt in the vyos repository?
I need to install python package like pysnmp, netmiko etc
I found a same question in forum but the link of the answer is dead.
and this info isn’t work because ‘set system package repository’ doesn’t exist in cli command

Thanks in advance!

Personally I find the best way is to copy the .deb files I need onto the box and dpkg -i them.
You have to make sure you get the right .deb for the distribution you’re using (1.3 is Debian 10, 1.4 is Debian 11) and it mostly works.
Keep in mind as soon as you upgrade to a new .iso the packages you’ve installed this way don’t follow, you have to upgrade them manually again yourself.

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Rarely I add repo to “/etc/apt/sources.list.d/my repo.list” for install pkgs. Just for developing cases.
But don’t upgrade the pkgs this way as you will get a brick and reinstall the system.


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