How to bind container network with a specific network interface

How to bind a container network with a specific network interface?

Only two options allowed for now.
Bind all interfaces
Bind the internal network interface (bridge added by podman itself)

So podman only support host,bridge ? Didn’t support macvlan mode ?

CLI is not implemented but podman supports

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I tried macvlan in vyos. But the container ip can’t communicate with the hosts ip.
Then I want to apply PRB in then container network. But how to implement it? I can’t run command
set interface <container_network_interface> policy xxxx

Not sure what do you mean about macvlan and how do you use it.
You can use “policy local-route”

I want to let container network follow the PBR of LAN, currently container network follow the vyos host routing policy.

In the 1.4 interfaces under the policy section

set policy route PBR interface pod-NET01

Great news! But Vyos 1.4 didn’t support ipset anymore. Currently, I can’t upgrade to Vyos 1.4. May I ask if can you backport this feature into Vyos 1.3?
If so that would be great! Currently I set the DNS server in proxmox VE , and run Vyos as a VM in it. It was a little complex for me. If the container supports PBR. I only need to install Vyos on a bare metal server would be great!

The new re-implementation of QoS/policy/firewall won’t be backported to 1.3

Upgrade vyos 1.4 is fine. but I still didn’t know how to quickly load a 8000 networks in a file as a firewall network group when vyos booting. I can’t directly set them in vyos configure.

@Viacheslav After upgrad vyos 1.3 to vyos 1.4 . IT works! Thanks a lot!
We can set the policy on the pod network. will make the whole network follow the PBR policy!

set container network dns-net prefix ''
set policy route NETWORK-SHUNT-PBR interface 'pod-dns-net'

@Viacheslav I find a issue that in vyos 1.4.1 epa1 . after reboot this configure can’t save in configuration. even I run save command. It will lost after system reboot.

Known bug it saved but due to order cannot applies due to priority ⚓ T5892 container network interface and policy fails to apply after reboot

As you suggested to use local-route in the ticket .But the local-router didn’t support group.
Shall we let local-group support group option?

set policy local-route rule 10 destination
Possible completions:
+  address              IPv4 address or prefix
   port                 Port number used by connection

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