How to boot from a squashfs file?

I have an old machine whose hard drive got broken, I managed to save the squashfs that vyos uses for boot.

Now I need a way to boot the system from it again, anyone knows how to do it?

Yes, I also save the config file, but after updating I face some issues, and I don’t have the original build to install it again.

Were you able to replace the hard drive? You should just load one of the 1.4-rolling ISOs to a usb stick and reinstall. This would be the easiest path. Sanitize your current config so the system loads.

Booting the squashfs you would need to generate an initrd image and mess with grub. It’s a pain if you aren’t familiar with how a linux kernel gets bootstrapped.

Yeah dude, I don´t have that version anymore, I need the iso 1.4-rolling-202212280917

already find the iso in a very old backup, so, everything is working now

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backup vyos configuration with oxidized or generate with ansible then push it to git server. It will be safe. Always backup is very import.