How to Building iso using custom kernel 5.10.34 for vyos1.3

My hardware network card needs linux kennel 5.10+ to support xdp driver, So I need upgrade linux kernel to 5.10.34. But When I try to Build custom kernel it don’t work …So Can we upgrade the kernel to 5.10.34 by default Vyos1.3

It seems somewhat accessive to ask for an upgrade of the 1.3 kernel just because the custom build process doesn’t work for you. Could you instead tell us what doesn’t work so we can help you build your image with your requirements in mind?
Admittedly, i haven’t yet tried to build an image with a custom kernel, but according to the build doc it doesn’t look to difficult if you’re used to building vyos iso’s.

Hi @boyrch,

if you need a custom kernel you can follow this guideline: Build VyOS — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

We can not upgade the 1.3 kernel to 5.10 because of issues with the Intel QAT drivers. The Plan is - nevertheless - to resolve this issues on VyOS 1.4 (rolling) and then upgrade the 1.3 Kernel to the 5.10 series also for the VyOS 1.3 LTS train.

So in the meantime you can use VyOS 1.4 (rolling) and help us improve the current development tree.


Vyos1.3 can not run script…

You are mixing 5.4 and 5.10 Kernel code - you also need to use the proper Kernel patches for the 5.10 series. Simply “upgrading the kernel” but not the out-of-tree patches will be a no-no.

If that script “can not run” our CI system would not be aple to produce any binary at all.