How To Configure a Wireless USB Dongle to RJ45 Ethernet on Vyos

I am trying to use a USB WiFi adapter (wlan0) on the Vyos machine to connect wirelessly to a wireless router and obtain an IP Address automatically and then give an internet connection to the device on the Vyos machine’s ethernet port.

The configuration:
a) 1 Realtek USB WiFi Dongle - to be used as the ‘outside’ connection
b) 1 Ethernet RJ45 Port - to be used as the ‘inside’ connection
c) Attempted on different Vyos v1.2.0 rolling releases - the result is the same

The setup commands used are:

However, the wlan0 is not obtaining an IP address and the output message when executing commit is:

touch: cannot touch ‘/config/dhcpd.leases’: No such file or directory

Is the configuration incorrect?