How to download Iperf 3 on VyOS router

I installed Vyos on two bare metal (dell EMC VEP) that are connected to each others to test the network throughput between each others, but I didn’t find how to install Iperf3 on these equipments

This package already installed

Fantastic! Thank you
I’m trying to configure the VPN between these two equipments, could I test the iperf directly without connecting to any physical user machine to test ? Like 2 dell EMC VEP and two pcs that are connected to these equipments for example

Iperf includes server config or client config
Also you can run it in the daemon mode (server part) and connect from clients to check speed

Server specific:
 -s, --server              run in server mode
 -D, --daemon              run the server as a daemon

Yes I understand but what I am trying to say is, can I just test it directly without adding clients like the first equipment I run it as a client(iperf -c) and the second as a server. I don’t know if I explained well what i want to do.

Hello @nazuko,

For VyOS version 1.4, use the following commands:

vyos@vyos:~$ monitor bandwidth-test accept
Server listening on TCP port 5001
TCP window size:  128 KByte (default)

For example, a client test on VyOS:
vyos@vyos:~$ sudo iperf -c