How to find installed Vyatta release?



I’ve inherited a Vyatta box from a system administrator who wasn’t big on documentation and left the company. I’m looking into upgrading the box to latest VyOS and want to know which is the current Vyatta version it’s running (following the “Vyatta Release Compatibility” section in

How can I tell which version of Vyatta I currently have? I didn’t find any command or file which could tell me that.

The closest I get is:

  1. “uname -a” output gives:
  1. The time stamp of the vmlinuz file is March 24, 2012:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  2777360 Mar 24  2012 vmlinuz-3.0.23-1-amd64-vyatta

So how can I get the release, and is there a recommended migration path from that release to latest VyOS?

Thanks very much.


show version will get you what you need to know. I personally would rewrite the configuration on a Helium VyOS VM to test that all the configuration commands will work. When you take your outage then you just install VyOS from scratch and then load the config commands from a file on a USB stick (recently used this method with no issues). You could always upgrade to Vyatta 6.5, then cut over to VyOS. What have other people done successfully?

show version

Version: VC6.2-2011.02.09
Description: Vyatta Core 6.2 2011.02.09
Copyright: 2006-2011 Vyatta, Inc.
Built by:
Built on: Wed Feb 9 20:04:26 UTC 2011
Build ID: 1102092009-7353197
Boot via: disk
Uptime: 11:26:20 up 1265 days, 22:51, 1 user, load average: 0.07, 0.13, 0.12


Thanks very much. It’s so simple but I missed that option when I looked through the show auto-complete list.

I got version 6.4 so it should be easy. I’ll try to follow your advice about just uploading the config commands in a test VM and see how it takes it.