How to get source code?

When I clone the build-iso.git, pkgs/ subdirectories are empty??
git clone

when I run make iso ,failed.

anyone can help me? I just want build iso from source code,help → howto build an ISO image

brings you to:

But I not find any source code through this method.
I want build iso by source code ,yes, I is a green hand,can you tell me how to build iso by source code ,STEP BY STEP.
I find very good project,opennhrp-0.14.1, and i want put it in vyos.
Thank you .

The page I pointed you to,
explains : step-by-step
how to produce an ISO image in the end, from scratch.

Maybe you also take a look at this tiny howto.
Pretty easy and nearly just copy&paste :slight_smile:

Builds an ISO in quite a few minutes.