How to get Vyos image for Oracle Cloud



Is there a certified image for Oracle Cloud (OCI), we want to deploy the VyOS in oracle cloud and trying to get the latest image.


afaik there is no image for oracle cloud. I’m not familiar with OCI, but is there a possibility to create machines / instances with own iso? Or even boot it in rescue mode? If yes, install with your own iso ( vyOS iso ) or boot in rescue ( if kvm virtualize, with qemu-system… )


Thanks a bunch Chris, we want to use the latest release in Oracle cloud and unfortunately it is not openly available. I reached out “Yuriy from Sentrium” to see if we can get an 1.2 image for oracle cloud and there was not much response.

I got 1.1.7 image from mirror sites in .ova format and I was able to boot the image from Oracle virtual box. But Oracle cloud takes only .vmdk format now I am trying to figure out converting .ova to .vmdk format.

I will keep you posted on the progress.
Thanks again for your response.


I think you can do that via virtualbox. Load and export it as appliance I think.
1.1.7 is quite old and is not maintained anymore, so not really a safe thing to load into cloud unless you build honeypots.