How to install qemu agent?


I installed VyOS 1.1.7 as VM in Proxmox which using Qemu/KVM as hypervisor.

In this case, guest VM should install qemu-agent as VM agent for resource control. But I found the default installed agent was vmtoolsd which only compatible with VMware, not KVM hypervisor.

I cannot find instruction to install qemu-agent in VyOS document, does anyone can help me to find one?


I’ve been running VyOS for years in Proxmox and never installed qemu-agent. I don’t see where it is necessary.

If you want, you can enable debian repos and install from there


Thanks for reply.

My problem is: VyOS VM cannot listen to qemu shutdown command, the command will hang for several minutes and timeout. I can only force to stop it.

Can you shutdown the VM not stop it?

Or, how do I enable debian repos in VyOS and install it?


My VyOS VMs shutdown just fine like every other Linux VM I have running. I don’t have to force them off.