how to join the development?


I am pretty interested in doing the project, how can i join the project development? Any references?
Thanks in advance!


Welcome VyOS community.

Have you ever tried IRC?
Please refer this
I think this is good place for ask anything.
(Unfortunately I can’t join IRC for timezone reason.)

And also It’s good start Development section.

Happy hacking.

Hiroyuki Sato


Thanks a lot for the information. I will try to join IRC meeting. Have already checked the main page.


You are welcome.

Also please post your question on this forum.
I have some knowledge about VyOS hacking.

Happy Hacking.

Hiroyuki Sato


Could you or someone else kick the logs of those meeting online , perhaps in the wiki ?
I would be interested to know what has been typed


I’d like to join to the next development meeting. A question: what is the correct way to know and propose a specific subject in agenda?

Thank you


Hi Adriano,

Please write your preferred time in UTC to “Date/Time” section, and add your agenda to “Meeting agenda” section on
Then ask about developers schedule on IRC(#vyos).
You can join the next developers meeting.


Thank you,
I updated the page with my preferred time.