How to paste configuration in vyos

Hi ,

How can i copy/paste config in vyos.
In Cisco device, i can very easy.


I’m not sure what you mean, copy/paste is a function of your terminal program/OS?

It’s mean I preconfigured (ex: config.txt), copy and paste that configuration into vyos.

For example, if you were connecting via PuTTY in Windows, you would open the text file, copy the part you want to paste, then right click in the PuTTY window you have open to VyOS.

It’s no different than Cisco or any other vendor. Copy/paste is a function of your OS/terminal program, not your network device.

I feeling like there is still something that needs clarity here. Are you asking about the format of the commands you want to paste in?

Hi microlinux,

This is my question.
Because when we show config in vyos. It’s display with tree. So can’t copy that format and paste into terminal (ex: putty).

"show configuration commands " will give you every command needed to duplicate a config. you can copy/paste that right into your other router

you can redirect show configuration commands to a file, then copy it over to the new vyos instance. Then edit the file to remove interface hw-id’s/IPs/hostname and other machine specific information then enter config mode and source configs.txt

you can also enter the results from show configuration commands into a git repository for config revision control

Many thanks.