how to remove vyatta user


Does anyone know how to remove vyatta user permanently?
I created my personal users and trying to remove “vyatta” user name but it seems that delete command on user “vyatta” is being ignored…

delete system login user vyatta



show system login

user vyatta {
authentication {
encrypted-password !
plaintext-password “”

UPDATE: I’m running 1.1.5


Interesting, I tested by creating a user ‘test’, committed, then tried to delete the user but it doesn’t disappear from the config (like your symptoms). Since /etc/passwd is modified on boot from the saved config, I found that deleting the ‘user XX’ snippet from /config/config.boot, and then rebooting, successfully removed the user from config & from /etc/passwd etc. Note for cleaning up you may need to manually delete /home/test.

I would consider this a bug but not sure if there is legacy reasons why a user is never truly deleted. I’ll email vyos-users for feedback from the devs.


It’s related to changes that were made to allow removing the password to force the user to use only public key auth. We’ll fix it soon.