How to restore default settings?

I am using vyos-1.4.
Is there any command to restore default settings?


Hi! @ackema !

Normally, to restore a default setting you only delete your custom configuration. that will revert the setting back to its default value and it will also not be shown in the configuration.

if you want to revert the whole router to its factory default config you could rename or delete the /config/config.boot file and reboot the device. it will then restore to its factory default settings, this means you will need a keyboard/mouse connected to the routere to redo its initial settings. USE WITH CAUTION! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

There is also a method described here:
How to load the default configuration

It does not require a reboot and allows you to make additional settings to a “clean” configuration, such as base addresses and SSH access

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