How to see firewall state table

I recently started using VyOS in my homelab. Currently running 1.4-rolling version. Earlier on the Ubiquiti Edgerouter, I used to check the state table with command “show conntrack table ipv4” but this command doesn’t seem to work on the native VyOS.
Need some guidance.

The output from Edgerouter is as below for reference

show conntrack table ipv4 | match ES
2315141632       tcp [6] ES       7433                
2232049408       tcp [6] ES       6258                
2234923520     tcp [6] ES       7155                
2382913536    tcp [6] ES       7435                
2233082368        tcp [6] ES       7050                
2356425472        tcp [6] ES       7439                
2212756480       tcp [6] ES       6259                
2234921728     tcp [6] ES       7368                
2382913792     tcp [6] ES       7436                
2319441664     tcp [6] ES       7408

sudo conntrack -L will print out all contrack entries. Add -f ipv4 for ipv4 filtering

Thanks for the quick response. sudo conntrack -L definitely works. Couldn’t find this in documentation post multiple google search
Though I do see the some documentation here

What is the purpose of conntrack-sync?
I tried configure it but it never commits successfully. I have a single router with two VLANs and static IP as internet connection

It’s used when more than one routers are used. Not applicable in your case.

You can find more options for conntrack command here: conntrack manual

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A bit confused on this one. ‘show conntrack table ipv4’ works on my VyOS 1.3. Has this command been removed in VyOS 1.4?

WoW. This is interesting. I didn’t know it existed on 1.3


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