How to see traffic in vyos

can help me
how to see traffic in vyos
with detail name interface

There is this monitor traffic command that will use tcpdump to display captured packets:


monitor traffic interface eth0

monitor traffic interface any

You can also run tcpdump manually for example if you wish to capture the packets to a file:

sudo tcpdump -n -i eth0 -s0 -w /config/custom/capture.pcap

There is also the monitor bandwidth command if you just want to have statistics:

Example (after it starts press ā€œdā€ and ā€œiā€ to see all metrics and use arrows to select interface - press esc to exit):

monitor bandwidth interface *

And finally, using atop is handy to better see what happens in the system between refreshes.

That is both metrics but also which processes were actually being runned since last refresh (every 5 second by default) and how much did they differ in cpu and memory usage since last refresh.