How to set DNS resolution for VyOS general nodes so that they can access the domain name?

I am going to use VyOS to set up my personal virtual network recently,Then I pinged the domain name of the hub node of the opposite LAN, and found that the returned information showed an unknown host,I noticed that the DNS resolution address sent by the upstream router was not received. So, how should DNS resolution be set?

set system name-server 'x.x.x.x'

I follow your answer. The success rate of DNS resolution is 46%. My two top-level domains include 15 sub domains,There are seven sub domain names with AAAA resolution records that cannot be resolved and an error is reported,An unknown host error is reported. However, the 7 unresolved targets can be resolved normally on Windows and other Linux systems.In addition, in addition to the seven sub domains, other sub domains with AAAA records can be successfully resolved under VyOS.How to solve this problem?