How to set OSPF Cost efficiently



Hi All,

I have a query.
I am trying to setup my network with multiple links to different locations.
I am routing the traffic using OSPF with single area right now.
I am using OSPF cost to determine how traffic should move (which link to choose first).
Now I have exhausted all OSPF cost. I would like to add one more link from the same router, but cost is not helpful in sending the traffic out (getting the same cost for 2 different link).
I want to know if there is any other way to load balance the traffic effectively in OSPF except for cost for single area or we have to now create multiple areas.


What do you mean by you’ve exhausted all OSPF cost? You can manually set the cost for each interface to any of the values between 1 and the maximum limit of the router you’re using (for VyOS that is 65535). Also setting the cost value to the same for two links which advertise identical routes should have the traffic load balanced between them

Other than prefix length, area and cost (in that order) there’s no other way(that I’m aware) to manipulate the link chosen by OSPF


Actually I am using single OSPF area right now and I have lots of link.
cost exhaustion means I have a lot of links via one single router (virtual links).
I am setting up a new link. but could not get a different cost (I dont need to load balance the traffic).

So per you, I can use cost 1 as well in OSPF.