How to set up 3 interfaces

Hope all is well, how do i set up router interfaces,

Port 2-wan
Port 3- static for gaming pc
Port 0- connecting eero mesh wifi

Thanks in advance

  1. Do you have any interface to put as dedicated MGMT-interface?

Something like:

eth0: MGMT (vrf: MGMT)
eth1: WAN (vrf: INTERNET)
eth2: WIFI (vrf: INTERNET)
eth3: LAN (vrf: INTERNET)

  1. I assume WAN will be dhcp but what about that interface facing your WIFI-AP, I assume static here?

The pc on eth3 is successfully connected to internet, but port eth0 wifi eero will not connect to internet. Also this is a x86/amd64 setup using the rolling iso. Not sure if i need to bridge eeros or not…i just switch from openwrt

Solved, had to convert from live to permanent image " $ install image
after the conversion the dhcp server and dns forwarding work as advertise. I also had to hard reset all eeros routers then reinstall them in eeros app, “did not have to set eeros to bridge mode.” Everything works. This setup is faster than openwrt even my latency is lower when playing warzone on my gaming pc on lan port.

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