How to setup l2tp with ipsec client?

I want to setup l2tp vpn on my router so that I dont need to configure it for all the devices. I’ve checked the documentation for that, I only found the setup steps for a l2tp server.

Please kindly direct me what I should do to achieve that, and I’m certainly assuming that vyos is able to do that.

Hi @happy42779 , which version of VyOS is running on your device? could you please check this documentation? It describes how to setup L2TPv3 interface on VyOS 1.3.x.

If you don’t explicitly need L2TP/IPSEC (like for example connecting a Mikrotik that only supports L2TP/IPSEC), I would recommend to use something like Wireguard (especially if you’ll use it on a laptop or smart device).

The issue, that at least I have encountered, with L2TP/IPSEC is the complexity and fiddling required to make it work. In my case, with Mikrotik, I had to change the scripts from VyOS to include some ciphersuites that Mikrotik supports, which were not enabled by VyOS.

Thanks!I am running 1.3.x and actually I saw the page you attached. However due to my lack of professional knowledge, I was not sure if that would work or not, especially because of the fact that for the ipsec vpn server I had, it uses hybrid authentication(username, password and pre-shared key) . If l2tpv3 with ipsec works with that, can you help me with how should I correctly configure the authentication part?

Thanks! The problem here is that I do explicitly need L2TP/IPSEC. So far I have check every possible config options, it seems nowhere I could configure l2tp interface to use username/password & pre-shared key to connect.

@happy42779 sorry, but I think that (username, password, and pre-shared key) option is not available unfortunately and L2TPv3 also is not fully backward compatible with L2TP.