How to - Site to site connection - Static site(Vyos) - Dynamic Site (cisco router)



When implement vyatta/vyos (and replace all main cisco router :slight_smile: ) we met witch problem to connect some part of remote office witch dynamicly ip address. We using dyndns and all office have own domain name, after ip change, dyndns update and propagate new ip. In cisco main router, we have specialy scheduler, who rebuild tunnel and change ip in configuration.

In vyatta/vyos it is not possible. So we write a script, which rebuild configuration and put correct ip addres.

Starter script: - check, if another instance of script runnig. When we tested, somtimes, main script is blocked, and another instance of script, completly ruing configuration.

Main script: Ok, main script, change configuration in router. He have some security :). First, he check is ip addres has change, then prepare to configure, after he check correct form of ip adress. When remote office dosen’t resposne, some times instead push ip addres from office, script put

Cisco configuration in remote office

Script started from crontab (10min timestap).

So, is two importand things:

  • vti tunnel and remote offisce in description, must have corect dyndnsname,
  • when crontab is running, we don’t change anything ( specialy push commit command :slight_smile: )

P.s maybe future realase of vyos including our solution :slight_smile: