How to start/restart bgp daemon?

How do I restart/start BGP daemon?

All bgp commands does not produce any response. BGP routes are still in routing table, therefore I don’t want to reload whole router - it is in production.

I rebooted the router. All BGP config is gone!

Hello @petr, why you need to restart bgp daemon?
Which VyOS version running? You can reconfigure BGP, it should be similar as restart, e.g.

delete protocols bgp
#configure BGP again
set protocols bgp ...

Hi Dmitry, We had an issue with another part of the network. Then I checked two internet facing routers. On both routers, the bgpd was not running. Hence I wanted to restart BGP without rebooting the whole router.
In the end I rebooted both routers. One router lost the whole BGP config! I think it was due to an incorrect (not deleted properly) config. Non-existent prefix-list.
Is it normal that the router does not load the whole section (BGP in my case) of config just because one line is wrong?

In my experience this is normal. The FRR configuration is very brittle and easily broken.

VyOS inherited this mis-feature from Vyatta and EdgeOS suffers from it too. Perhaps when they are done with the port to Python it will be more robust.