How to use it for load balancing of openvpn?

How to use it for load balancing of openvpn? I have an openvpn link with dual wan ports. Can I balance the load of the two wan ports to achieve the load balance of openvpn? Or do you have to use multiple openvpn links to do load balancing? Please give me a typical configuration

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Read docs:

thanks, but i want to know how to (openvpn+loadbalance) .
that article is only load balance

OpenVPN is a stateful tunnel which maintains an active connection, so for your use case I believe you would need 2 tunnels. Use NAT to route each tunnel via a different interface, and then apply load balancing across the 2 tunnels.

Alternatively you may find that a stateless tunnel such as WireGuard gives you the ability to have a single tunnel interface across 2 underlying LB connections. I’ve tested that myself and it certainly works from a failover perspective, albeit I’m not sure how accurately it load balances when both connections are up. If each of your LB connections has a different IP though, then the remote peer may require 2 tunnels anyway (if it’s VyOS at the remote end, peer matching is done on IP).

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