How to - VyOS CoPP

Dear Community,

Can anybody tell me if there is a way to configure CoPP(Control Plane Policiy) on VyOS ? Like a firewall that is blocking/policing all the packets that are sent from dataplane to control plane(CPU/RE)?
I believe it should be, becuase this is available on almost all the platforms, but I am unable to find it on VyOS…

I think the concept only makes sense on a system with hardware forwarding, which Vyos is not.

On Vyos it’s just the “INPUT” firewall.

Ok, did I get it right that on VyOS we have to create an Firewall and apply it on all interfaces on INPUT ?

That’s correct. If you are concern of traffic which destination is the router itself, then you should create firewall rules, and then attach it to interfaces on input.