How tro enable interface & cannot set MTU 1600

Hello Peoples,

Running vyOS in VMware workstation 10.

Q1. I shut down one of the interfaces, how to I re-enable / active / enable it again? There is no obvious command I can see.

Q2. I cannot set the MTU on any interface to larger than 1500. I can change it lower to 1000 fine.

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Just came cross the same issue,

you can simply use

delete interfaces ethernet ethX disable

to enable you concerned interface.

Hope it helps.


As with most JunOS alike systems, then you set a config, and in order to remove it again, you have to delete the config line.

The MTU part is sorta strange, as the help says:
Possible completions:
<68-9000> Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Could it be your vmware that doesn’t allow the MTU change above 1500 ?