HowTo develop & edit remotely using sshfs

My last HowTo brings up the own VyOS box for development purposes, but
it is sometime hard to use only vi or nano in a sandboxed environment.

Now I would like to use geany, scite, npp, ultraedit,
you named it with syntax highlighting and other nitty-gritty stuff.

Ubuntu flawored system
Windows with Cygwin
Enabled ssh service on VyOS box

Well it is possible:

1) Go to your linux/windows (virtual, bare-metal) environment
2) sudo apt-get install -y sshfs
3) mkdir /tmp/vyos
4) sshfs vyos@<ip-address-0>:/home/vyos /tmp/vyos
5) enter you password or automatically having a public key in place
6) test it

user@box:/home/user$ df ... vyos@<ip-address-0>:/home/vyos 8362288 3766624 4176236 48% /tmp/vyos

Now you can start your preferite editor and point to whatever
object is stored under /tmp/vyos/build-iso/…

You like also to start the build remotely?
From the command line consider using:
ssh vyos@ “/home/vyos/bin/”



cd $HOME/build-iso
tput clear
autoreconf -i
sudo ./configure --with-kernel-flavor=586-vyatta-virt
sudo make iso