I am using vyos 1.5 but all are ok bu traffic is not stable

I am using vyos 1.5 but all are ok and traffic is not stable

Wow, that’s terse :slight_smile: To be able to help we are going to need a lot more information.

  • Which VyOS version specifically? (show version)
  • Add config (show configuration commands | strip-private)
  • Add a simple network schematic
  • What underlying hardware or virtualization?
  • When you say “traffic is not stable” which traffic do you mean exactly?
  • What do you mean with “not stable” (packet loss? bandwidth?). And compared to what (older version, other platform?).
  • What do you see happening and what did you expect to happen? How to reproduce?
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I am not too much configurations.I am using 30Gbps traffic for my downstream customer using bgpand running on R430 physical server ising with 10Gbps*4. Packet lossess occur without any congestion.

Which debug already done?