I cannot set 2nd interface on my Vyos VM

I have the nightly rolling image: vyos-1.5-rolling-202309111408-amd64.iso

However I am not able to create the eth1 interface I get errors Invalid

Am i doing some mistake or this is a OS issue?

Check current interfaces on the system:

show interfaces

Also, content of file /config/config.boot

It only shows eth0 at the moment. It does not show me any config file now may be because its a default state after a hard reboot.

First boot after installation login to the box and type:


Now you should have a proper config file in /config/config.boot.

It should also be visible through:

show config command | strip-private

It fails

how do I commit the eth1 changes?

Do a fresh install.

After first boot from the harddrive/ssd login and type:


After 2nd boot do a:

show config command | strip-private

and paste the output in here.

Also output of lscpu and lspci would be handy along with show version.