I can't ping using OPENVBN


I have two Vyos machines and they are directly connected
with subnet using ESXI VMware

I’ve used this IP for OpenVPN

But I don’t know why I can’t ping when I configure OpenVpn

I really need your help

Best Regards

HI @Zurattos I’m afraid you’ll have to provide more information than what you have.

What “can’t ping?” What does your openvpn configuration look like? Are you establishing a VPN between the two Vyos nodes, or to some other VPN Provider?

We really can’t begin to help, because you’ve provided very little useful information I’m afraid.

If you can explain in a lot more detail what you’re doing, what interface/IP you’re trying to ping, the source IP you’re pinging from etc. If you can show us what the routing table looks like too, that’s always helpful.


Tell me which information you need I have to virtual machines using ESXI

they are directly connected

the normal gre tunnel is working ok but when I’ve configured OpenVbn is not working

  1. How have you configured OpenVPN?
  2. Are both Vyos Routers running OpenVPN?
  3. Which Router is the client, which is the server?
  4. What happens when you try to ping?
  5. What do the logs on the router show you?
  6. What does the sanitized configuration look like of each router?

You can’t just provide some hand wavy “It doesn’t work” statements and expect to get meaningful help I’m sorry, we aren’t able to read minds :slight_smile:

I understand it’s virtualised, but that doesn’t really matter as such. It’s the configuration on the Vyos nodes that’s the detail we need.