I want to disable SSH login

Hello, I have an issue with a live vyos. It has enabled SSH logins, and I can’t find the private key to login.
I have a copy of the ./ssh file from the vyos as a backup, can i login using this info from a new PC?
Or failing that, the vyos has an error that when rebooted it defaults to the vyos / vyos login, until the config is loaded.

Could i find the command to reset to vyos/vyos login once the config is loaded and then commit? so that I can get in as plaintext after the loaded config.

SSH is disabled by default for the LiveCD systems

Sorry my mistake, when I mean live system, I mean it is in production and being used by Virtual Machines

There is a password recovery option during boot (GRUB MENU)

Does that work if the system is configured for SSH logins only?

What du you mean about “SSH logins only” ? are you referring to only key-based login? eg. only password-less logins? if that is the case you then need to get into the VGA/Serial console , if you do not have the password for the device you need to do a password recovery(requires a reboot), then you need to copy a new ssh key to the device to be able to login via ssh again.

Yes the vyos is configured for key-based logins only, it is a virtual machine, with a console that does not allow entering clipboard data - so how do i upload a new SSH key?, I was thinking i could reset it to use plaintext passwords instead of keybased entries, is this possible using the password reset feature?

Use a modern ash Key Algorithmus ecde256 (or near called so). They are short and you can type in the ash public key.

Or you can create a Linux VM. Deatrach de vmdk HDD from the vyos VM. Attach it to the new VM…make.cha GE’s in filesystem or the /config mount add the new ash key and reattach the disk to the vyos VM

Third option boot the vyos VM from an iso image like systemrescuecd.

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is the VM in the cloud? a cloud-init script/metadata could inject it for you on boot.

If you do have the password for a user and are able to login to the device using your vm’s console, please login to the device, go into configure and disable key-only authentication by issuing delete service ssh disable-password-authentication. when you then commit you will be able to login to the device using the users password. you could then ssh into the device and install a new keys for your users. and then enable key-only authentication again by entering set service ssh disable-password-authentication

If you are not able to login to the device on your vm’s console using a password, you will need to reboot the device and choose “Password reset” in the vyos grub boot menu and then set a new password on your user before doing the above.

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