Implementing IPV6 as a Dual stack with IPV4 on VYOS using PPPOE

Hello Guys,

The current topology in my network is a PPPOE using radius with IPV4.
Brief description:

  1. New Modem connects to the network and obtains management IP from DHCP server dynamically.
  2. PPPOE configuration is provisioned on the modem, AAA authenticates and the radius provisions an IPV4 public IP for the customer to have internet access.
  3. My VYOS serves as an ISG to maintain PPPOE sessions.

I intend to provision IPV6 alongside with the IPV4, I would love suggestions on how this can be achieved.

Hi, first of all, you need to make a desission, which ipv6 network prefix you will assign.
As far as I understoot it the rfc recommnd a /56 oder /48 block should be assigned to each client.

Whis this the client can split the network in multiple /64 and still can use ipv6 auto config.
Also you need to think about the ipv6 on your router and the ipv6 address the client aissign to it’s wan and the ipv6 neighboar discovery needs to work. Which could include having ipv6 addresses from a link local on both sides of the pppoe connction.

The /56 or /48 is only when sharing PD to routing devices not endhosts.

Each host should have at most /64 (SLAAC) or longer (/64 to /128) when doing DHCPv6.

@Apachez Thanks for the clarity :slightly_smiling_face:

@blex I really appreciate the heads-up.
Thanks alot