Impressed - Wish I joined the VyOS community sooner

Just wanted to offer some feedback as a new user.

Coming from quite a healthy networking background, dating back to Token Ring and the like (:joy:), and having worked on and with lots of networking products, I feel like offering praise to the maintainers of the documentation for VyOS is well deserved. I have got up to speed with the product quickly, from the guides to building the source in a docker container, to installing, getting familiar with the interface and getting a router up and running. Kudos on getting that fine balance between too much to read and not enough to get going, pretty perfect. Thanks, and I hope to be more involved over the years.


That’s wonderful feedback! Thank you for sharing it, and welcome to the Vyos Community Forums.


@fsbof I ditto to @tjh comment. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve found the VyOS documentation helpful and got you up to speed with our product quickly. We appreciate your kind words, and are glad that you’ve chosen to be a part of this community. Welcome aboard, and we look forward to seeing more contributions from you. :+1: :beers: :raised_hands:

Have a great day!! :sun_with_face: