Improve example of how to use post-login with multilines

The example at User Management — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation should exept for \n also mention that the post-login oneliner should be encapsulated with " to avoid errors.


set system login banner post-login “\nABC\n123\n456\n”

Would result in this as login banner once authenticated:


Using version VyOS 1.4-rolling-202306290317

You can try set banner with ansible, it will be easy and set complex banner as you want,

    - name: remove the post-login banner
        banner: post-login
        text: |
          Welcome to 𝕍𝕪𝕆𝕊!
          This is the best router that i ever know!
        state: present

I bit overkill to install ansible when I already have a ssh-session to a vyos setup :slight_smile:

Best IMHO would be to update the documenation on this topic.

@Apachez Thank you for pointing out an important details. I appreciate your contribution to improving the documentation, and I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate team for review and potential inclusion in the future updates.

Added as improvement report: ⚓ T5370 Improve example of how to use post-login with multilines